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With all the technological advances of the last few years, many things have been changing and one of the main changes has been the form of TV consumption. The consumer was introduced to new possibilities, such as the choice of the program, he wants to see, on time, tailored. Some advances like these have no turning back and that is why TV apps are increasingly popular in Brazil and worldwide!


Even in the 2000s, we did not have the massive advance of the Internet as we live today, people were held hostage by only a few channels selected by the operators and with high prices charged for their packages. Today you no longer need to have this subscription and much less depend on pre-assembled packages, you can browse the wide list of programs and channels according to your taste at any time! The changes were so great that we often didn’t even realize that in the recent past of a few years, we had to wait for the time and day that a certain film or program was going to happen and if something happened at the time of the exhibition, we would lose a piece or all programming, now we can simply pause the programming and have everything on demand at your fingertips. This is the present !!Independent TV programming for everyone! Nowadays it is no longer acceptable for many people to stop for a while and let the TV show the content you want to see. The current consumer requires a personalized program, which can be consumed on different devices, large or small. However, even today the main streaming applications still have some limitations and do not offer the same quality as open TV or other television channels. That is why people find divided themselves, having to choose between local programming and general entertainment programs, such as films, series, etc. Many times without being able to unite with quality the 2 options in the same application. We also created our app to meet this market shortage.

Brazil TV New 2021

Brasil TV New is a streaming app that combines all the power of streaming with open TV programming. Unlike other platforms, its focus is not on the production of exclusive content, but on offering more independence and autonomy to the Brazilian user, who does not give up on local programming and who sometimes even prefers to see the open programming of national channels. If some of your favorite shows are part of Brazilian TV, Brasil Tv New is the right app for you. The great difference of Brasil Tv Newé is the possibility to watch your programs wherever you want, open or on demand TV programs that you can watch from anywhere! Now you don’t have to give up your favorite schedule because of other commitments. Just watch your favorite show when you can, at any time of the day! Do not forget, the strong point of this App is to allow both the tuning of television channels and the choice of programs on demand, in the best style HBO, Netflix, and many others. So with Brasil Tv New you can have the best of both worlds in the palm of your hand!

Getting to know the APP

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Now let’s get to know this app and its features a little better, the first part that you will probably notice when opening the app is the bottom menu where you will have access to 3 icons, that’s right, the idea of ​​the app is to allow a simple and objective navigation to all users, from the youngest to the oldest, providing usability for everyone. The first icon is VOD, which means “video on demand”. That is, in this option you will choose the programs you want to watch, just as it is done on other platforms: Neflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc. The middle icon is TV, which requires no further explanation, basically this option is used for you to watch national and international TV channels, the only thing you need is this app and an internet connection to watch your favorite programs, remembering that this service is still offered at no cost to the user! The third icon, is your Profile. In this option you will be able to manage your personal app user information. Brasil Tv New has a new face, an updated and improved version, the new version brings very interesting new features for all users. The design of the app is much more pleasing to the eye. The icons and illustrations follow the most modern trends in flat design. The app has minimalist elements that give a very modern and functional tone with a color scheme carefully chosen to accompany the new design. It is easy to notice the care that the developers took with the presentation of the app to the user. While we have a lot of apps out there with interfaces that leave Brazil Brazil looking like it seems to have hit the mark on the balance between usability and layout. Usability was clearly a priority in the development of this app. For those who are used to the layout of other apps such as Netflix or the like, they will have no difficulty adapting to Brasil TV New . As we said above, the app has no mystery. You choose the category among films, series and children’s drawings in the top bar of the app. Then just choose the specific program and watch. It can’t be simpler and more objective than that. If you happen to run into any problems using the version you downloaded, try updating the version of the app. This can be done within the app itself and will ensure that you have the most updated and improved version ever. Currently the latest version of the app is 2.17.6. The Application works with standard market remuneration, sending advertisements to the free user (free account) and users who prefer an account without advertisements can make a subscription that also gives access to more films and series, a portion of the content of the app is being exclusive for subscribers. Also note that without a linked account the app will not use the automatic scheduling suggestion for you, based on your history. How to Use Brasil TV New (new version) The new version of Brasil TV New offers the user two ways of using it.The first option is to use as a platform for videos on demand, such as Netflix, HBO Go and other apps in the same category. The second option is to use the app as if it were a regular TV, that is, you will have an easy access to tune in all Brazilian channels and even some international ones as in your normal TV set. Video On Demand This is the closest way to other streaming applications on the market today. The app offers several categories of content available to users with a linked account. The app also has a selection of main content based on public ratings on each production, Brasil TV New generates a daily list of the Top 10 films and series, including national soap operas. This allows you to easily find interesting and quality programming in your app without any difficulty or waste of time. Remember, many original Netflix content can be found in the app. In “Filmes”, Brasil TV New separates the best movie content by categories, themes and genres. You will find a vast content from science fiction films, and old west to war and suspense, through documentaries and mystery series. For children you can also find specific selections of films from Disney, Netflix and the National Cinema. In the “Series” tab, you can access various content from Amazon Prime, HBO, Apple TV, Globo Play and Netflix among others. In its newest version the app gives the user a rich and complete experience, at the highest level when it comes to watching series and videos on demand!

Television Mode

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The second option of using the Brasil TV New App is the television mode, where you will have access to a wide variety of channels, including international ones! A great choice for immersion in new languages, you can watch programs in English, French, among others … The app offers a total of 177 channels in 11 categories. In TV mode, for unlinked accounts, only 12 channels are available:

  • Globe
  • SBT
  • TNT
  • Discovery H&M
  • A customized clip channel from Brasil TV News, which features editions with scenes from popular films.
  • CNN
  • Globo News
  • Band News
  • Lifetime
  • MTV live
  • MTV
  • Gloob

Please note that when prioritizing signal quality for users, the app ensures that all channels offered are in HD. The channels that are for the use of linked accounts, have more options for the audience. They can be divided into 11 categories:

  • Open : In this option there are several open TV channels in Brazil, from Record to TV Senado, TV Câmara and the like. When it comes to the Globo channel, it is available in the editions of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Brasília, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul. If you happen to be in another state and want to follow the news in your home state, the Brasil TV New will be a quick and practical option to access this broadcast.
  • Sports : With this option you can follow games and fights from anywhere. Major broadcasters such as Band Sports, Fox Sports, SporTV and ESPN are available. You will also be able to access broadcasts from the Premiere, NBA channels and follow the Copa Libertadores.
  • Documentaries : If you enjoy interesting productions, especially documentaries and instructive programs, Brasil TV New will give you many moments of joy. You will be able to find all Discovery options (H&H, Science, Turbo, World, among others), as well as other broadcasters. This includes Animal Planet, National Geographic and TLC.
  • Children : You can also use Brasil TV News to make children happy. Channels such as Boomerang, Gloob, Disney (including Disney XD and Disney Junior), Nickelodeon are available to the user. There are 17 channels with 100% children’s programming.
  • Films and series : In this category fall those channels that are focused on original broadcasting or exclusive content. This is the case with Universal, FOX, Warner, AXN and Comedy Central.
  • Movies : Unlike the previous channels, those in the film category are those that broadcast only feature films 100% of the time. You can find Megapix, TNT, Paramount and TCM, for example. You will also have access to the various channels of HBO (1, 2, Plus, Signature, Mundi, Pop and Family) and Telecine (Premium, Action, TOuch, Fun, Cult and Popcorn).
  • Varieties : Channels with varied content, focusing on lifestyle and general interests. In this category you will find Viva, Fox Life, OFF (the entire channel dedicated to surfing), E !, SYFY (more focused on content related to science fiction and technology), GNT and Globosat.
  • News : Brasil TV New has 9 channels completely focused on news. The main ones are Band News, Record News and Globo News. You can also find international channels, such as CNN International, the British broadcaster BBC and the French TV5 Monde.
  • Ethnic : In this category there is only one broadcaster, NHK. Here, the category doesn’t say much about the broadcaster. NHK is a Japanese broadcaster with varied content, ranging from news to entertainment. If you feel like learning Japanese, then it’s a good idea to download Brasil TV News and link your account!
  • Songs : There are 5 channels focused strictly on musical content, such as concerts, video clips and everything else focused on music. You will find famous channels like MTV and VH1, and still others like Music Box Brazil, RBI and RIT.
  • Adults : Channels with adult programming are also available for those who link the account. There is a layer of security to access this category. You must enter your password, the same one you use to log in to the app account. So, nobody but you will access these channels on your cell phone.

How to download Brasil TV New

To download your app and have access to the most incredible channels and the best of national and international programming, you only need to access the official website of Brasil TV New ApkAnother option is to give permission before even downloading the file, to do this go to Settings / Biometrics and Security and search for “ Install unknown apps” . . The downloadable file will be in .apk format, which is the standard format for application installers. To install on your phone you just need to approve the permission to install applications from other sources on your android, for installation on your pc or smartv no permission is required. Once the download is complete, you will see a message to confirm the source of the file, just click on the settings to be taken to the permissions window, after that just click on allow and that’s it! This will be enough for you to download Brasil TV New and install it on your smartphone.

Install Brazil TV New app

With just a few clicks, you can download and install Download Brasil TV Newon any Android device. You will be able to watch many live broadcasts of news and sports.You also have an extensive catalog of premieres, anime and popular series totally free in most films in Spanish and HD.


Application NameBrazil TV New
Android Support4.0 or above
last update2 days ago
Offered byBrasilTV Ltd.



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